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Total Games: 1456
Played Today: 12071481
Overall Played: 111491730

Users Online: 7

Thrash N Burn 360 (53927 times)
Sunset Racer (62236 times)
Redline Rumble 3 (68988 times)
Gamepapa Maze (63990 times)
4 wheel fury2 (196531 times)
Ninja Pirate Cave Raid (68839 times)
CHAOS FACTION (186807 times)
STAGGY 2 (103605 times)
Ninja Assault (86262 times)
Space Trooper (161258 times)

Most Popular
Mountain Bike Madness 2 (6256186 times)
Ferrari (1460169 times)
Sonic (1129395 times)
Pimp My Ride 2 (1122112 times)
RedLine Rumble (983897 times)
Dangerous Madness (927024 times)
Drag Racer v3 (916996 times)
Alias Runner (822849 times)
Hot Celebrity (688851 times)
SUPER SMASH FLASH (626431 times)
2D Knockout (591701 times)
Sonic In Angel Island (578567 times)
Marians World (566153 times)
Fast and The furious (520102 times)
Wasnt Me (449177 times)
Bullet Time Fighting (447136 times)
SuperSonicRC (444005 times)
Bloody Rage (443352 times)
Code of the Samurai (440558 times)
Made a Poop (440075 times)

Top Players
kequan_brah (2 points)
OGretro (1 points)
rokiller (1 points)
XRumerTest (0 points)
Teeralmanyday (0 points)
pilpolojjw (0 points)
Lhuillieouv (0 points)
pletcherxaf (0 points)
pletchertnj (0 points)
HobertHanjojz2 (0 points)
Stephanie2xuos3 (0 points)
gromaingora (0 points)
Denegrotmen (0 points)
MahIllenceKah (0 points)
DamionPeazoco6 (0 points)
McHattie2qrnp2 (0 points)
Malcomildi (0 points)
McHattie2bjyn2 (0 points)
Awairedraiche (0 points)
DamionPeafhhy9 (0 points)
Action Games
Play Kitoma Kitoma
Jump, duck and slice up enemies with your sword to go on to ...
(Played 14291 times)
Play Chopper Inferno Chopper Inferno
Gun your chopper through the thick of the action. How far ca...
(Played 40597 times)
Play Gohans Adventure 2 Gohans Adventure 2
Battle your enemies around the planet. Use your punches, kic...
(Played 143255 times)
Play Gunmaster Onslaught Gunmaster Onslaught
This is an awesome battle game where the aim is to stay aliv...
(Played 42330 times)
Play Mario Brothers 3 Mario Brothers 3
I can't seem to get passed the first level. That damn turtle...
(Played 116906 times)
Play Happy and Smile Happy and Smile
This is a great shooting game, there are so many attack comb...
(Played 65300 times)
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Adventure Games
Play Starship Eleven Starship Eleven
Pilot your ship safely to the end of the level....
(Played 50996 times)
Play 4 Wheel Chase 4 Wheel Chase
Mate kangatoo Jack has ascaped, you need to go catch him!...
(Played 222075 times)
Play Monster Munch Monster Munch
Run around and eat as many snow flakes as possible. the snow...
(Played 45884 times)
Play Mario World 2 Mario World 2
Fun and easy to play mario world version!...
(Played 338765 times)
Play Massive Attack v2 Massive Attack v2
Upgrade and defend your fortress against the attacking soldi...
(Played 26385 times)
Play Polar Rescue Polar Rescue
Use your penguin to dodge obstacles, run through mazes and f...
(Played 151730 times)
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Classic Games
Play Night Raptor Night Raptor
Rescue the hostages, and pick up goodies while fighting alie...
(Played 9042 times)
Play Trivia Machine Trivia Machine
The game features over 7,000 trivia questions in 9 fun categ...
(Played 12146 times)
Play Breaking Point Breaking Point
Blast away those zombies and other vile enemies with your ta...
(Played 25824 times)
Play Rigelian HotShots Rigelian HotShots
Navigate the fireball down a cave destroy the little critter...
(Played 8657 times)
Play Squarez Squarez
Set up the pieces rotate them and put them together 3 by 3 o...
(Played 11142 times)
Play Flash Tetris Flash Tetris
Drop down blocks in this classic game and score as many poin...
(Played 36262 times)
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Fighting Games
Play Ninja Assault Ninja Assault
A peaceful farming village endures nightly attacks from evil...
(Played 86262 times)
Play Bullet Time Fighting Bullet Time Fighting
Battle your enemies. Jump, kick, punch, shoot your gun and f...
(Played 447136 times)
Play Soul Mech Soul Mech
Walk the streets and fight off the bad'ies with your sword ...
(Played 98632 times)
Play Samurai Jack Samurai Jack
See game for instructions....
(Played 55692 times)
Play 2D Knockout 2D Knockout
Jump in the boxing ring, punch and beat your opponent....
(Played 591701 times)
Play Cube Combat Cube Combat
Use your wooden cube guy to fight against your opponent. Pun...
(Played 107542 times)
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Flash Movies
Play Metal Gear Fiesta 1 Metal Gear Fiesta 1
Snake from Metal Gear turns another year older and celebrate...
(Played 17028 times)
Play Kingdom Hearts Chronicles Kingdom Hearts Chronicles
This is the tale of a boy named Sora, who would travel to th...
(Played 77581 times)
Play Madness The Movie 3 Madness The Movie 3
Third movie based on the game Madness....
(Played 151133 times)
Play Battle Sticks Armageddon Battle Sticks Armageddon
Watch these stick men fight against each other, in an all ou...
(Played 248038 times)
Play Death By Horoscope Death By Horoscope
A funny claymation about a man who doesn't reads his horosco...
(Played 35289 times)
Play Bunny Kill Bunny Kill
A cute little Bunny with a samurai sword slashes through a g...
(Played 139474 times)
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Funny Movies
Play Awesome Breakdancing Awesome Breakdancing
This guy can dance. He's like 5 foot nothing with tree trunk...
(Played 160714 times)
Play Splish Splash Splish Splash
You know this song!...
(Played 266778 times)
Play Ghost Car Ghost Car
This is a car advertisement from somewhere. When they finish...
(Played 185236 times)
Play Mom and Pop Walmart Mom and Pop Walmart
A comedy parody of Walmarts dominance in the market place ...
(Played 77062 times)
Play Numa Gone Wild Numa Gone Wild
AAARRGG!!! Come on folks enough is enough, Please let it res...
(Played 85039 times)
Play Sonic Bad Bubbles Sonic Bad Bubbles
This funny flash movie shows a situation where Sonic is trap...
(Played 56531 times)
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Holiday Fun
Play Jingle Farts Jingle Farts
Send this to a smelly friend for Christmas...
(Played 227817 times)
Play The TRUTH About Valentines Day The TRUTH About Valentines Day
Send this to someone for Valentine's Day....
(Played 64813 times)
Play Cupids Finger Cupids Finger
Send this to a friend on Valentine's Day...
(Played 154154 times)
That means "Leprechauns Against Drunk Drivers" Send it to a ...
(Played 45677 times)
Play Jesus Easter Jesus Easter
Send this to a friend for Easter....
(Played 43999 times)
Play The Original Love Tester The Original Love Tester
Send this to someone for Valentine's Day....
(Played 59224 times)
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Music Videos
Play Amarie Amarie
Check out our database of over 15000 Video codes for your we...
(Played 39107 times)
Play Fat Joe Fat Joe
Check out our database of over 15000 Video codes for your we...
(Played 78063 times)
Play Missy Elliot Missy Elliot
Check out our database of over 15000 Video codes for your we...
(Played 37500 times)
Play Eminem Mockingbird Eminem Mockingbird
Check out our database of over 15000 Video codes for your we...
(Played 73843 times)
Play Destinys Child Cater 2 U Destinys Child Cater 2 U
Check out our database of over 15000 Video codes for your we...
(Played 64230 times)
Play Akon - Lonely Akon - Lonely
Check out our database of over 15000 Video codes for your we...
(Played 246979 times)
click to view more ...
Other Games
Play Cartoon Quiz Cartoon Quiz
Answer different questions about people from Family Guy, Sim...
(Played 53240 times)
Play ComicGen ComicGen
Create your own comics with this generator. Add characters, ...
(Played 21343 times)
Play Santas Snowball Santas Snowball
Ho-ho-ho! Santa's elves are running amok and you've got to c...
(Played 13679 times)
Play Smash Champions Smash Champions
Answer questions about movies, songs and actors correctly to...
(Played 5972 times)
Play Soap Bubble Soap Bubble
Guide a soap bubble through a dark damp cave. Fly your way t...
(Played 4821 times)
Play Five Finger Pellet Five Finger Pellet
Use the knife and perform tricks around your hand but don`t ...
(Played 70898 times)
click to view more ...
Puzzle Games
Play BRIII Andromeda BRIII Andromeda
Move the ball towards the goal. 50 sprawling levels and a fi...
(Played 9538 times)
Play Pipe Down 3D Pipe Down 3D
Move the pipes around in the cube and line them up properly ...
(Played 8412 times)
Play Before The Storm Before The Storm
Rearrange the pieces of this quiet prairie side puzzle, cont...
(Played 19088 times)
Play Creepy Crossword Creepy Crossword
Try to solve this mystic crossword about vampires and ghosts...
(Played 49904 times)
Play Industry 2 Industry 2
Another challenging Hapland style game - Help our hero to es...
(Played 31211 times)
Play Full Board Full Board
Click on grid to mark your start position then click mouse t...
(Played 10848 times)
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RPG Games
Play Ant War Ant War
Start a brand new ant colony in the town of Spring Valley an...
(Played 83349 times)
Play Necromanthus Warcraft Necromanthus Warcraft
Build your base, train soldiers and destroy the orcs base, i...
(Played 91349 times)
Play Immortal Grand Prix Immortal Grand Prix
IPGX is a turn based action game, very similar to the old UF...
(Played 49853 times)
Play The SkullKid The SkullKid
Fun, Easy, Bloody and Gory. Good Luck...
(Played 160078 times)
Play Assault Part 2 Assault Part 2
Second part of the assault. Move in and gather intelligence....
(Played 208096 times)
Play Demonic Defence 4 Demonic Defence 4
Build up your castle by upgrading walls, and adding gunners,...
(Played 50235 times)
click to view more ...
Shooting Games
Play Battle Field 2 Battle Field 2
Shoot all the enemies with your automatic machine gun and st...
(Played 205138 times)
Play Adrian's Battle Bots Adrian's Battle Bots
Destroy all the enemy battle bots in each level to move on t...
(Played 26306 times)
Play New Metal Slug New Metal Slug
This is an awesome "Metal Slug" clone, shooting game, where ...
(Played 42028 times)
Play Toon Crisis Toon Crisis
Legendary arcade game Time Crisis meets Who Framed Roger Rab...
(Played 16250 times)
Play Quick Draw Quick Draw
Draw before the other guy does so this town will have itswon...
(Played 19323 times)
Play Fast Food Follies Fast Food Follies
Go through the fast food grease burger restaurant and shoot ...
(Played 101480 times)
click to view more ...
Sports Games
Play Muay Thai v3 Muay Thai v3
Fight against enemies in Muay Thai boxing. Punch, kick, uppe...
(Played 41281 times)
Play Air Hockey Air Hockey
Played in three intensities, the aim of the game is to get t...
(Played 1022 times)
Play Action Fish Action Fish
Get ready for some fishy action....
(Played 179530 times)
Play Slamdunk Anime Game Slamdunk Anime Game
Play a game of basketball with two players. Shoot hoops, dri...
(Played 65390 times)
Play Soakamon Soakamon
Fill up your water balloon with your own fluids and toss it ...
(Played 28163 times)
Play Mile High Club Mile High Club
Set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platf...
(Played 18485 times)
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